Monday, February 27, 2012

Network Marketing - Romancing the Dream or Financing the Truth?

A lot of people sell you dribble on the web. Everyone has a 'secret' that they cannot wait to tell you about. At a price. Work it this way, work it that way. Is it any wonder that people get confused and fail in their endeavors? And, It is so-called fellow marketers that are doing this to the same people in the Industry, as they want to supposedly become successful?

Listen, talk with anyone who runs a successful offline business and learn the truth. The high failure rate in the network marketing Industry is down to just one thing.

It is called lack of finance.

The real truth is that people, who have money, are able to make money. Period. Sure, you will find a clever few, or someone who was in the right place at the right time managed to coin a few bucks. One thing I have never done is tell lies to people. If their finances are shot, then why not tell them to go and save a few thousand bucks before getting started?

Of course, most people simply will not do that because they are scared of losing a potential member and their bottom line might suffer. Is it any wonder why the network marketing industry is being discarded by so many as an impossible dream? One thing that springs to mind is the saying; "Network Marketing is the last bastion of commerce that can enable the small person to grow into a giant."

Sure it is. The only problem with that statement lies in the fact that starting cheap does not mean starting broke!

"A McDonalds franchise would cost you at least $500,000!" Sure it would. But claiming that a $50 a month network marketing business opportunity, is somehow going to replace that franchise deal smells like hype. It is a lot cheaper to start a business on the internet and avoid all the costs involved with a mainstream business. But not that cheap.

So what should someone do, when faced with a prospect that has financial difficulties? Tell them to go get a job, start saving and to call you back when they have sufficient funds to start a business, not a hobby. Making financial matters worse for someone is not what network marketing is all about. Personally, I would rather keep my credibility and self respect.

What about you?

If you are sponsoring someone into a network marketing business and you start with a lie, then you are not setting the stage for a loyal and long-lasting business relationship. If you feel the person is right for the business but that person does not have sufficient funds, then think of ways, financial or otherwise, that you could help them.

Investing in the right people is not a foolish option to take. In many cases, it is a wise business decision. The biggest problem with our Industry at present is that most people find it difficult to see beyond their next month's commission check. Until the day dawns when everyone has quit and the check does not arrive any more.

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